Butterfly & Moth Wing Pattern Designs

Butterfly and moth wings are covered with many individually colored scales that make up the pattern designs and coloration characteristics for each species. Browse butterfly wing posters inspired by six spectacular butterfly genera.

Genus Lycaena Copper Butterfly Wing Posters

Members of the beautiful genus, Lycaena, belong to the group of butterflies known as Coppers. Read More

Genus Speyeria Fritillary Butterfly Wing Posters

The genus Speyeria belong to a group of butterflies known as Fritillaries. Some species exhibit sexual dimorphism where female and male adults have strikingly different coloration. Read More

Genus Caligo Owl Butterfly Wing Posters

The Caligo genus are tropical butterflies belonging to the Brassolidae Family. They possess huge eyespots on their ventral hindwings and often have iridescent forewings. Read More

Genus Colias Sulphur Butterfly Wing Posters

The Colias genus utilizes waste products to generate the yellow and orange coloration characteristic of this group. Read More

Genus Cynthia Painted Lady Butterfly Wing Posters

Represented by three Cynthia species in this poster, you see the American Painted Lady, the Painted Lady and the West Coast Lady. Read More

Genus Danaus Monarch Butterfly Wing Posters

This very familiar Danaus plexippus species is also known as the Monarch Butterfly. Notice the striking venous stripes represented by a darkened region on either side of each wing vein. Read More