Walking Sticks – Phasmida Pictures & Bio

Stick insects are usually extremely elongated and twig-like in appearance. Sometimes this camouflage is taken a step further with the addition of leaf-like structures.

Walking Stick insects are among the largest insects in the world reaching over 12″ in length. Most stick inects are tropical and nocturnal. During the day, many of them lie dormant surrounded by the sticks and leaves they resemble. The Phasimid order currently contains over 2,500 walking stick species worldwide.

Ecuadorian Stick Insect (Oreophoetes spp.)

Most female stick insects lack wings and tend to be geographically localized. Read More

Ecuadorian Stick Insect (Pseudophasma spp.)

In addition to their foliage mimicking defensive strategies, some stick insects are also capable of spraying an irritating concoction from their thorax. Read More

Ecuadorian Stick Insect (Bacteria spp.)

As their Greek name, Phasma suggests, stick insects are truly apparitions – masters of blending in with the foliage. Read More