Paper Wasp, Mischocyttarus spp.

Mischocyttarus paper wasp

Common Name: Paper Wasp

Order Name: Hymenoptera

Family Name: Vespidae

These paper wasps from Indonesia are capable of delivering a painful sting in defense of their paper-chewed nests. Unlike some bees which generally lose their life after delivering their sting, wasps have a barbless stinger they can use on multiple occasion. A stinger is a retractable, modified egg-laying devise known as an ovipositor. Wasp larvae are fed prechewed caterpillars by adult wasps who receive a drop of saliva in return. Their wings are folded lengthwise over body at rest as they assume a threatening alertness to all nearby activities including insect photography. These wasps exhibit presocial cooperation between groups of fertile females. Their nests are open nest with clearly exposed larval chambers.