Entophiles – Insect Pictures & Bio

Select one of the insect groupings below known as “Orders”. Orders are the categorizations of insects that comprise Class Insecta. The Entophiles index currently contains over 150 photographs of insects from exotic locations such as Brazil, Ecuador, Hawaii, and Indonesia. Please enjoy bios and pictures of some of the most fascinating and beautiful insects in the world.

Ants, Bees & Wasps – Hymenoptera Pictures & Bio

Hymenoptera membranous wing; Hymen = membrane, ptera = wings. Winged forms of ants, bees and wasps possess 2 pair of membranous wings.

Beetles – Coleoptera Pictures & Bio

Coleoptera means sheath wings; coleo – sheath, ptera = wings. Beetles front pair of wings are modified to hardened casings, known as elytra, to protect the hind wings and body below.

Butterflies & Moths – Lepidoptera Pictures & Bio

Lepidoptera means scale wings; lepido = scale, ptera = wings. Wings of butterflies and moths are often covered with a colorful mosaic of minute scales.

Cicadas, Hoppers & Aphids

Homoptera means uniform wings; homo = alike, ptera = wings. The front wings of these insects have a uniform textured appearance.

Cockroaches – Blattaria Pictures & Bio

Learn more about cockroaches in the Orkin Pest Library.

Dragonflies & Damselflies – Odonata Pictures & Bio

Odonata means tooth. Apart from jet propulsion, the aquatic nymph often possess an extendable jaw capable of catching prey some distance away from the rest of the head.

Diptera Pictures & Bio

Diptera means two wings; di = two, ptera = wings. Flies do very well with their single pair of fore wings. The hind pair are often reduced to a couple of knob-like balance organs.

Grasshoppers & Crickets – Orthoptera Pictures & Bio

Orthoptera means straight wings; ortho = straight, ptera = wings. These insects often have a pair of elongated and thickened forewings and a membranous hind pair.

Lacewings & Antlions – Neuroptera Pictures & Bio

Neuroptera means nerve wings; neuro = nerve, ptera = wings. Wings of these insects are constructed with an elaborate network of supporting veins.

Mantids – Mantodea Pictures & Bio

Mantodea means soothsayer; a person claiming to be able to predict the future. These insects have highly modified front legs often held in a position suggestive of prayer.

Mayflies – Ephemeroptera Pictures & Bio

Ephemeroptera means short-lived wings; emphemera = one day, ptera = wings. After a year or more as an aquatic nymph, adults emerge in swarming nuptial flights and live for only a day or so.

Not True Insects – Arthropod – Spiders & Centipedes

Arthropod means segmented feet; arthro = joint, poda = foot. Including insects, this huge group contain animals often mistaken for insects such as spiders and centipedes.


All termites species live in social colonies meaning that they have a queen and a hierarchy with each type of termite, or caste.

True Bugs – Hemiptera Pictures & Bio

Hemiptera means half wings; hemi = half, ptera = wings. The front wings of these insects are divided between a thickened basal region and a membranous tip.

Walking Sticks – Phasmida Pictures & Bio

Stick insects are usually extremely elongated and twig-like in appearance. Sometimes this camouflage is taken a step further with the addition of leaf-like structures.