Who? What? Why?

The Cultural Entomology Digest is a publication and e-zine distributed to anyone interested in the multitudes of insect references within human culture. The publication serves as a discussion forum and reference source for academic, environmental, and anthropological special interest groups as well as the general public.

CE Digest Issue 1

Cultural entomology studies the reasons, beliefs, and symbolism behind the inclusion of insects within all facets of the humanities. Insects have and do play an important role in the arts, philosophy, psychology, and religions of almost every culture; therefore, a holistic study of this diverse wealth of references provides much insight into our current attitudes towards insects and nature in general. The first colloquium and consequently the first establishment of cultural entomology as a recognized field of study took place at the 17th International Congress of Entomology in Hamburg in 1984. The late Dr. Charles Hogue of the Los Angeles County Museum of Natural History was monumental in his organization, collection, and research into cultural entomology and has motivated many people to develop interests in the subject.

The Cultural Entomology Digest was created with the primary mission of helping people to really see the significance of insects within human culture. In general, society needs to develop its ability to acknowledge what lies around them and individuals need to cultivate an understanding for their true roles and responsibilities within a society. To be more specific and to borrow some Alan Watts and Carlos Castenada philosophy, many individuals within our society are too wrapped up in their own self importance to understand their true relative significance to the planet. For a multitude of reasons individuals tend to feel themselves far too important to stoop down and acknowledge the marvels of an industrious bee, let alone its mere existence; From a global perspective everyone and everything is of equal importance. The Digest proposes to provide eyes for anyone interested in seeing what insects have to contribute. The Digest exposes people to the values and importance of insects in our culture that would normally not be obvious without inquiry. From a cultural perspective the Digest also proposes to provide knowledge towards dispelling stereotypes and misunderstandings about insects and to preach the fascinating truths along with the realities of the evils. Our planet sits so fragile in our often thoughtless grip and insects have fallen into the category of blatant abuse. Promoting insect appreciation will help foster a caring attitude towards our earthly neighbors. The applications of such insight lends direct credibility to biodiversity and habitat preservation endeavors.

CE Digest back cover

Since the subject can not be found as a subject in any periodical or library index, many references are discovered through inquisitive inquiry into different aspects of human culture. This discovery of references needs to be collected to aid future research; Cultural Entomology Digest serves as a collection and dissemination vehicle. Another goal of the publication is to stimulate active communication between researchers or anyone interested in cultural entomology. The scope of the publications subject matter includes everything related to cultural entomology. The Digest distributes articles, provides abstract summaries for publications, notes newspaper references, exposes work in progress descriptions, compiles bibliographic listings, and in general includes any related material that members consider important.